QUESTION To All Personal Trainers, Weight Loss Coaches, Registered Dietitians & Licensed Weight Management Coaches:

How would you like to double your profits on every client you have now, cut your working hours in HALF, create a business that makes you money WHILE YOU SLEEP… AND get paid to share your success with other coaches just like you?

If you do any sort of social networking, you are already familiar with membership sites, right?

Are You Taking Advantage of Your Clients’ Need for This Type of Technology? (It’s Not Your Fault! Let Me Explain How You Can Create the Ultimate Win-Win Situation!)

Access The Social Marketing Business Developer for Health Coaches Now


Now, You Can FINALLY Build the Coaching Business of Your Dreams – Helping Your Client’s Achieve Their Goals – and Be There for Them When They Need You the MOST!

Dear Concerned Health Coach,

I’m Dr. Jerry Dreessen, and in the next 5 minutes I’m going to show you how to double your coaching revenue, cut your working hours in half, AND once you see that it works, to be able to REPLICATE this system to other coaches, getting PAID to help THEM increase THEIR businesses as well. Are you interested?

Just a tad bit further down this page is a 5-6 minute demonstration that is going to change the way you do business from now on.

I’d rather you didn’t, but if you’re in a hurry – just scroll down and check it out…
…if you’re NOT extremely busy, and have a few minutes to spare, I’d like to talk you for a minute… so…

Let’s chat.

It doesn’t matter which profession you are in when it comes to the Health Coaching Industry to know you can only get so far into the business before you start giving up more of your time and “human bandwidth” (human bandwidth means how much mental, emotional challenges you have to deal with).

OR… you’ve spent countless hours trying to research ways to help clients out, only to have missed opportunities with missed appointments, re-scheduling – you name it.

Plan on being around for awhile? This means you’ll continue to become responsible for more and more clients… guess what?

…the more clients you take care of or manage, the bigger the burden of bandwidth usage of your physical and mental self.

And… the problem will continue to compound as you grow your online business. You can quote me on that!

To add even more insult to injury, if you own your own private studio, or office, it will become impossible to see everyone on a weekly basis as you begin to mentally DECREASE your business because you have reached the dreaded…CAPACITY BLOCK. (a capacity block is the self belief that you are at the maximum of your business’ growth potential)

PLEASE: Take 1 minute to read the following frustrations you may have encountered:

You deal with multiple needs every single day that are sucking the life force from you – but only from the lower 10% of your clientele

Your classes are full of people who want to get better (lose weight, workout) but they don’t have enough time to schedule a “pep talk” with you

You’ve worked your tush off to build the business of your dreams… but you’re worried that your clients might move on to other coaches because you don’t have enough time for them, or they are looking for the next “bright shiny” system that’s going to help them reach their goals faster – vs “staying the course”

You wish there was a fast, simple way to finally keep your clients happy, as well as expand or “franchise” your business without having to “buy another job”

Look, if you’ve been doing business for any time at all, you can undoubtedly relate to at least a few of these.

They can take a serious toll on your patience… overwhelm you with stress… and make you wonder why you ever decided to become a Health Coach in the first place!

And let me tell you… you’re not alone!

Thousands of other Personal Trainers, Weight Loss Coaches, Registered Dietitians & Licensed Weight Management Coaches and other entrepreneurial coaches face the same frustrations every single day… and it can be nothing short of maddening!

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to work around any of the above issues, invest in any “tools” that are supposed to “help”…

If you’€™re like many Health Coach Businesses, you’€™ve probably resigned yourself to the idea that juggling your client’s schedules just a necessary evil.

It’€™s a problem that just never seems to go away… and it seems like every time you finally have a handle on it… life changes direction and you have to start all over again!

So you dig in every day and do the same old things… checking in on clients, adding new ones, trying to get a hold of old ones. It’€™s kind of like having a ship with a huge leak… but you’€™re stuck bailing out water with a bucket because there’€™s no easy way to fix the leak!

But what if you could eliminate the burden of tracking your clients for good… without dedicating hours each day to each and every individual need?

What if you could instantly and effortlessly add more and more value to your business, so that you could continue to build your business model bigger and bigger€ with out fear getting so big you end up doubling or tripling your current hours?

Speaking of add more and more value to your business… what if you build your business with just more than local clients and continue your efforts to grow an online health coach empire?

Best of all… what if you could do all of this on complete autopilot – even if you have no technical skills whatsoever so that you can relax knowing that your growing business won’t “explode”?

My friend… that all probably sounds like a ‘€œtall tale’€ to you right now. And I completely understand. You might think that there’€™s no solution out there that could possibly do all of that… and even if such a solution did exist, it would cost a fortune!

In a moment, though, you’€™re going to discover exactly how you can grow your client base again and create a great referral business, injecting fun and excitement back into your clients – with one click of your mouse.

But first, let me share a little about me…

“I’ve Been Where You Are…And Fighting These Unforeseen Battles of Capacity Blocks, Unable to Grow Due to Lack of the Ability to Change, Afraid to Offer My Clients New Concepts”

My name is Dr. Jerry Dreessen, but most people in my community know me better as “Dr. D.”

I’ve taken my business from working as an associate, to owning my own thriving business for over 25 years in the health industry. I know that having a passion for helping others can be fun and rewarding – if communication and goal setting are part of the process.

I have written 3 best selling books on Amazon (a fourth one in the process) regarding health care as well as marketing.

The products I make available to my subscribers, the public, or anywhere are developed out of being needed.

If you’re unsure of me:

Google me.

Google my name, or my name and amazon, or my name marketing (Dr. Jerry Dreessen, Dr. Dreessen Amazon, Dr. Dreessen Marketing)

…I’ll be here when you come back, because you will.

At the end of the day, I’m the same as you: I’m a concerned business owner that has a passion for helping people reach their healthcare needs.

I just happen to also be an expert in SEO…and Health Care Business Models.

As a small business owner who paid attention to the activities of clients with problems, I dealt with the same serious, time-consuming issues that are eating up your time and threatening to limit your business goals.

I couldn’t take it anymore… and I decided to do something about it! I came up with a system that allowed me to see more patients, and decrease the amount of wasted time that neither of us needed. It was a success model that I teach other doctors that are serious about growing.

Then my friend Chris developed an amazing website that could effortlessly communicate with clients, track goals and make their overall experience with their coaches better than a “once or twice a week” meeting for 10-15 minutes.

He even included a “social media” module that allows clients and other invited coaches to create a team atmosphere with just a “click of the mouse”…

…and that would allow clients to join quickly and easily – as well as add other coaches as their businesses grew.

That’s right, He designed the website to help coaches and clients AND coaches and coaches!

The website took a TON of stress out of running their business and providing top-notch service to their clients!

But there was a problem.

I knew that there were still plenty of Health Coaches – €“ talented, hard-working entrepreneurs like you ‘€“ who were still struggling in the battle against growing pains or capacity blocks, or even worse…had never been educated about these issues and were about to hang it up for good.

I care about people, just like yourself, who have been set up for failure…

And that’€™s why I’€™ve decided to become a part of this system and be available to you right now!

Introducing: Weight Loss Clubs World Wide

Your New Best Friend in Client and Coach Management. Never Get “Sucker Punched” Again! Are You Ready for a Revolutionary Website That Turns Hours and Hours of one-to-one into a Couple of Minutes a Day?

Then You’re in For a Treat When You Press Play & Watch This Short (6 Minute) Demonstration of the Weight Loss Clubs World Wide System!


Don’t worry, it won’t take you days get set up. In a matter of minutes you’ll be enjoying ability to grow your business, reach more clients and create a fun and passionate community – all with your current level of customers.

“What Makes Weight Loss Clubs World Wide Different From Anything Else You’ve Seen?”

Weight Loss Clubs World Wide doesn’t just create a membership site, like other weight loss clubs. It provides robust features to help you reach out to each of your members on a daily basis with minimal time or interruptions!

And we are constantly updating Weight Loss Clubs World Wide to give you the most up-to-date features.

Not only that, adding your current client list is a breeze, and for as little as a few lattes a month, they’ll have access to their local “club” for goal sharing, with you inserting your tasks and motivations on a daily basis!

Most weight loss websites don’t account for personal coaches, or instant access to each other – especially at this price. The the other weight loss sites are using these sites to remotely gather information about you, your client’s buying habits, workout practices, and your business without your knowledge or consent!

Weight Loss Clubs World Wide puts you back in control and in the driver’s seat. You build your clubs, fill them with clients, earn additional income, and grow your business by adding other coaches – either locally or from other states.

Most importantly, using Weight Loss Clubs World Wide is effortless – we’ve made the process easy, with a ‘month to month’ system so that you can ‘set it and forget it’… and get back to concentrating on the aspects of helping your clients do what they hired you for: to reach their goals!

Here’s a Little Taste of What You’re Getting When You Join Weight Loss Clubs World Wide Today:

  • Members are provided effective tools, guidance from their certified coach

  • Expert advice from our specialists through WLC Live Chat

  • Diet Review: up to 35 different diets

  • Membership fees for services that don’t compare to other similar sites

  • WLC Blog and Forum: Shared journals from members and WLC Staff

  • My Wall - Our Social Network for coaches and clients

  • Expert Advice from nutritionists, and sports medicine doctors

  • Post wins and goals for the group, with daily updates for all to see

  • Broadcast email to everyone in your group with just one click

The only question is… are you ready to get back your time… and your peace of mind?

Join Weight Loss Clubs World Wide Today & Start Growing Your Business Again!

Just moments from now, you’ll have your hands on the only coach-to-client and coach-to-coach business of it’s kind…that will eliminate capacity block worries permanently…

…and that will let you get back to what you really want and need to be doing – focusing on business growth, revenue generation, and hitting those quarterly goals!

Don’t waste another day wrestling with time and coaching on your own – the skills you develop when you invest and join me in this program will continue to serve you for the rest of your life!

Choose your option below and grab your membership right away!

Go There NOW!

OPTION 1: Log on now as a guest

WLC Member Demo & Guest Login:

Log on to as a demo user. Just click the Member Login link and log in using the username: “demo-coach” and password “worldwide.” (no quotes) This section contains:

Coach’s Manual
Coach’s Compensation Plan
Coach’s Potential Earnings Calculator


OPTION 2: Get Your First 30 Days FREE

(A great way to really “kick the tires” of the system)

SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS If you sign up through this special link (SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE-ONLY $19.95/mo) Any coach that signs up will also receive their own personal custom-designed Facebook Business Page and Twitter Account to help attract even more traffic to their business. Again - this offer may go away soon, we can only offer a limited amount - so act quickly!



I respect your time and hope that it was not wasted. I want to thank you for checking our website out.
If you become a member, you will see my weekly interactions with both coaches and clients in the chat and forum sections. (I thoroughly enjoy interacting with my coaches!)

To your health,

Jerry Dreessen DC, CCSP
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

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